What Colour Describes Personality On Wedding Invitations And Stationery Best

What does your wedding say about you? If you have trouble choosing the colour of wedding invitations or theme of any wedding invites, consider your personality. What was your favourite colour growing up?

While you still may not want to use this colour for any wedding invites, it will provide you with some ideas as to the colour palette for your big day. And, of course ask your fianc. Some men will appreciate being involved in the wedding process most of the way through and others may not care what wedding colours are chosen.

Wondering what wedding invitations theme to choose? One way is to consider your personal dress style. Do you lean toward bright colours or are you more conservative. Do you like ruffles and lace or do you tend to ignore these.

Emphasise personal style

By determining your personal clothing style, you can determine if, overall, you are spontaneous or more conservative. Keep this in mind when you are looking at your wedding stationery and deciding between the more traditional white, ivory and cream colours or others such as pinks, mauves and greys. It can also help you choose a wedding theme, with wedding invitations that match your personality.

If you have always loved the outdoors, consider a country wedding. But, if you have always imagined getting married in a huge cathedral, choose a theme and venue which represents you and the start of a new beginning. And remember, wedding invites are simply another extension of your personality.

Sometimes, thinking about what you want at the reception can change your wedding theme. Give yourself plenty of time to consider what you want and time and permission to change your mind. Do not rush.

No last-minute regrets!

No bride-to-be wants to have a reception that didnt live up to the theme the bride imagined. There are very few brides who also want to be struck with wedding invitation announcements that dont say exactly what the bride intended. Thus, once a theme is choose for wedding stationery. etc. stick with it.

And overall please remember, there are no right or wrong decisions. Once the wedding invites are ordered and wedding stationery is in the mail, do not second-guess yourself. Whatever you decide will be beautiful because it represents you.

Still need help deciding? Look through some stationery samples for wedding theme ideas. There may be a large base of ideas, but remember to breathe, smile and relax.